Increase the traffic to your website :: Perl hack

I was about cleansing my old blog archives, and I discovered a post that I never publish. The post was about a hack used to increase the number of visit of an web page. 2 years ago, friends of mine were playing an online game which consisted in forwarding more people as they can, on a web page. The more people visited you page, the more your popularity increased. And of course the goal was to have the highest popularity.

On of my friend started few weeks after, and was obviously outdistanced by the others. So I wrote him this quick hack that increase the traffic to his page.

Of course the page vistors had to reach had ‘protections’:

  • Only real browser could accessed it
  • An IP can only access the page once a day.

I could use sockets and craft my own HTTP requests, but since I’m a lazy  developper I used another way to simulate a real Visitor. The solution was to automatically reach the page with Internet Explorer via a proxy that change at each access(I change the IE proxy.pac after every connection ).

I wrote the code in Perl and used IEAutomation API to control IE.

# ~*~ Cloak me ~*~
# This program will create cloaked connection san URL
# by using anonymous proxy servers all around the world.
# 07-2007
# v0.1
# 1) Just replace MY_URL by the address you wanna reach, and change MY_OUTPUT_FILE by the path to your proxy.pac file
#2) Place your proxy list file in the ‘s directory.
#3) Change ie’s settings to use the proxy.pac file
#4) let’s run the program

use Win32::IEAutomation;
my $ie = Win32::IEAutomation->new();
$VERSION = “v0.1”;

print “[+] Starting ~*~Cloak me~*~\n”;
print “[+] Version : $VERSION\n\n”;

open(PROXY_LIST, ‘proxyList’)|| die (“[!] Cannot open proxy list\n”);
print “[+] Proxy list loaded\n”;
$i = 0;

$content_text = “function FindProxyForURL(url, host){\nif(shExpMatch(url, ‘MY_URL’)){\nreturn ‘PROXY “.$_.”‘;\n}}”;
print OUTFILE ($content_text);

print “[i] Using proxy : $_\n”;



print “[+] Done \n”;
print “[+] Total cloaked access :”.$i.”\n”;

Notice that I do not provide any proxy list, you need to create / find one by yourself.
You can use this code to create cloaked connection to any site.

If you have any question just drop me an email.


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