Back online

The last 2 months were just restless for me, except my 3 weeks off where I had the chance to go 1 week in the French Alps, 1 week at the sea and 1 week in Croatia.(This country is beautiful by the way), my ‘main tasks’ list was HUGE.

Tasks List :

  • Finish my professionnal dev. done
  • Writing docs. On progress  (I really hate this part…)
  • Fixing my car. done
  • Posting some CoolUselessHack here. On progress (I have a lot of ideas)
  • Getting back to university every night in order to finish my MSc in Computer science. On progress -_-zzZZz
  • Finding a new job. On progress
  • Playing Warhammer Online. << grr.. not enough hours in a day (damn small 24h)
  • Writing LUA addons for warhammer Online. done (OMG I realize that I spend more time coding addons than playing…)
  • Playing with pixel bender. On progress
  • Buying Sheldon’s green lantern tshirt. You can buy me one here 😉 
  • …and alot more

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