NURVE home page

What is NURVE ?

NURVE is 3D, film trailers browser, with an ‘iTunes coverflow like’ navigation experience, that allows you to browse the newest films trailers and watch them in HD quality on any, internet connected OS, that have AIR installed.

Tools & programming language used:

NURVE is an RIA based on AIR/FLEX, which is on of the best framework to build RIAs. All the developpement have been done on FLEX Builder 3, and the 3D is based on Papervision3D.

DOWNLOAD current version : v 0.3 (require Adobe AIR)


Versions History:

v 0.3 : Current version. No major UI change, the flip effects from the previous version has been removed but of some bugs on Windows boxes.

v 0.22: This version added som new features : Normal / HD videos, flip effect and film description.

Alpha release : The very first shot. Only HD video and browsing.


v 0.2x

Alpha release



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